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    Olive Wood Craft is established to provide a place where you can get environmentally products made of olive wood alternative to toxic chemicals and pollutants. These items are useful for your daily life to promote a healthier way to live for you, your family and future generations.

    Olive wood is known as very compact, very heavy and very hard. It is with olive wood that the clubs of Hercules are made and it is with a stake of olive wood that Ulysses terrace Cyclops in the odyssey.

    The olive wood is not only magnificent, it is also very practical. With its natural content of oil, it kills bacteria and is therefore more hygienic for food than other products made of wood or plastic.

    Our handcrafting product range includes many items of decoration made with olive wood (canisters, vases, ashtrays, chess boards, candlesticks, bottle holders, under cups, cups ...) and kitchen articles (Pestles & mortars, bowls & plates, fruit bowls, spatula, ladles, spoons & forks, salad servers, rolling pin, honey spoon, cutting boards, paper towel holder, kitchen furniture...).

    All our products are handmade with 100% Tunisian olive wood that is one of the most beautiful, rare and expensive wood in the world. Being 100% handmade we are easily able to adapt sizes, widths and designs as required. We ensure offering natural and very original designs.

A craftsman making a sqeezer with olive wood
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